This year the Indonesian community is celebrating 10 years of Indofest with an exciting and unique Kampung Indonesia initiative. Along with traditional and contemporary music and dance, delicious food stalls, interactive workshops, cooking demonstrations, and retail stalls, the festival hub will come alive with an array of kampung pavilions representing different regions of Indonesia. The kampungs will be dotted around Victoria Square, allowing visitors to ‘explore’ the diversity of Indonesia and meet members of Adelaide’s local Indonesian community as they showcase what their kampungs have to offer through interactive workshops, sampling of regional cuisine, traditional games, handicrafts, costumes, textiles, local language, dance, music, visual art and more! This exciting event enables the Indonesian community to build upon a sense of ownership of Indofest-Adelaide to share the profile of Indonesia beyond Bali. Visitors to Indofest-Adelaide will experience a little of the diversity, beauty, and uniqueness, while reflecting on the richness that underpins the notion of Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, the national Indonesian motto meaning ‘Unity in Diversity’.