AIASA Activities

Supporting Indonesians in need

The AIASA supports Indonesian families in need through the Adelaide Indonesian philanthropic group, Indonesia Peduli, including assisting visiting craniofacial patients and carers from Indonesia.

The AIASA also fundraises for Indonesian-based NGOs and in 2016 the charities were Yayasan Senyum, an organization that facilitates the delivery of health care to people with craniofacial disabilities in Bali and other Indonesian islands, and Rumoh Baca Hasan-Savvas, is a collaborative initiative that allows people in the community, particularly children and teenagers, to access books in order to ignite people’s passion for reading, develop their insights and knowledge, and learn foreign languages such as English and Arabic.

The AIASA Committee may decide to donate funds in support of relief efforts related to natural disasters in Indonesia.  Typically, these entail significant loss of life and/or displacement due to natural disasters such as volcanic events, earthquakes, floods and/or tsunamis.

Indonesian conversation groups proposed

AIASA are looking for volunteers to help re-activate the Indonesia conversation groups in the north, east, south and western areas. If you are interested in participating please don’t hesitate to contact us.


The AIASA collaborates with all Indonesian Community groups, encouraging and assisting in nurturing their specific culture and traditions, hosting and underwriting various events.

In addition, the AIASA is currently collating a list of businesses that provide products and services of interest to the Adelaide-Indonesian community, such as Indonesian speaking doctors, lawyers, accountants, language tutors, grocers, real estate agents, caterers and restaurants.