The AIASA once again joined the celebration of Australia Day in 2019 with close to 60 people participating in the parade in the city that featured wedding costumes from around the provinces of Indonesia. Thank you to the Indonesian community for such a great turnout. Let’s do it again in 2020!

A mix of Australian and Indonesian community including children, Indonesian international students, and Indonesian permanent residents. Unlike previous years, 2019 did not present Ondel Ondel as the main attraction. Rather, the parade presented wedding costumes as the main attraction, such as those from Central Java and Bali. Musical instruments were also used in the parade, led by the West Javanese traditional drum and ending with the Balinese Bleganjur.

The community’s response to AIASA’s invitation to participate in the celebration of Australia Day was great. Their enthusiasm and feedback received after the celebration suggest that we should participate again next year. If you would like to join AIASA in the Australia Day Parade 2020, please contact us by email on or