(Adelaide, SA) To gain the Indonesian community and society’s awareness about their health and fitness, especially for women’s health, AIASA collaborated with Indopeduli and Wellbeing SA Organisation to conduct their first event related to the circumstances. This event was held on the 18th of July 2021 at Jeffrey Smart Building, University of South Australia City Campus. The event itself is titled “Cancer Screening Save Life”. Presenting speakers from various cancer experts, this event focuses on the treatment and prevention of cancer for a woman in the early stage. Dr Kencana Dharmapatni, Dr Chandra Kirana, and Dr Juliana Jatnika have contributed and shared their knowledge about preventing and detecting a cancer disease that often happens to women at this event

Other Indonesian communities support this event through many activities such as the “Manos” (Makanan Nostalgia) community; which has provided the guests with their traditional Indonesian cuisine, Mrs Rada Korda rolled out her donations through Balinese massage activity and Mr Ferry Chandra from Adelindo Angklung community who lead the Indonesian national anthem ceremony in the opening session. This event is related. Who also conducted a fundraising session to raise funds for the cancer society and patients.

This is a continuous series of events that would conduct to gain health awareness in women’s society, especially in the Indonesian community. As planned, the next event would be held in May 2022, which would be focused on other health studies.

(AIASA, 2022)