Indofest-Adelaide youngest performers, Syifa and her younger sister Althea from Malang, East Java will be performing the dance ‘Tari Beskalan Putri’ for their Indofest debut.  The dance depicts a traditional Javanese ceremony to show thanks to the land for providing them with bumper harvests and ample food to share.  Nowadays, this dance is often performed to welcome guests at ceremonies

Syifa first began learning traditional Javanese dance forms in 2013. Not wanting to miss out, Althea began the following year. Their interest in Javanese dance was first sparked about three years ago when this dance form was introduced into their school’s dance curriculum.

After dancing at the Indonesian Independence Day celebration in Goodwood last year, the girls are now looking forward to wearing their traditional dance costumes once again and sharing their culture with the audience at Indofest 2016.