IBand is a very special blend of Indonesian music catering for both Australian and Indonesian tastes. Their music is influenced by popular Indonesian music genres such as dangdut, Melayu and keroncong.

Music, whether it be traditional or contemporary, is an important part of Indonesian culture, and this is ultimately the spark that ignited the formation of IBand in 2011. Born of the vision of the original IBand members Arief Febrianto, Erick Haryadi and Irene McCormack, a few members of the local Adelaide Indonesian community started hanging out together and making music. It didn’t take long for the group to venture beyond the walls of the garage to private parties and other small events. Soon word got out about the group’s talent. Weekend jam sessions turned into proper rehearsals as IBand, short for ‘Indonesian Band’ was formed ready to take on Adelaide’s audiences.

Every performance is delivered with 110% effort to motivate audiences to move to their rhythm. From the unique dangdut beat to your favourite popular songs, IBand have got it covered.