Tji Srikandi-Goodhart Awarded for the MCSA Quiet Achievers 2022

Tji Srikandi-Goodhart Awarded for the MCSA Quiet Achievers 2022

The Multicultural Communities Council of South Australia (MCCSA) has awarded some groups of women for their tireless efforts in the community. AS part of International Women’s Day, this award shines a light on some of the quiet achievers who have contributed to their community. For the 2022 awards, nine women have proudly become a recipient of this award, one of them is Tji Srikandi-Goodhart, from the Indonesian Community.

Tji has been an active member of the Australian-Indonesian Association of SA inc. (AIASA) since its inception in 1968, the aim of which is to promote better understanding and goodwill between the Indonesian and Australian people, based on friendship, respect and trust. As President of the AIASA from 2014-to 2016, Tji coordinated the annual Indofest-Adelaide, a major festival involving more than 20 Indonesian community groups.

The AIASA also provides a platform to nurture cohesion among the ethnically, culturally and religiously diverse Indonesian communities in South Australia and aspires to represent them at an inter-governmental soft-diplomacy level.

Throughout her student and early working life, Tji shared her love, skills, and knowledge of the land of her birth with fellow Australians through Indonesian performing arts as a traditional dancer, choreographer, gamelan player and presenter at many events. She also taught Indonesian dancing over the years, including to schoolteachers of Indonesian language and culture, who in turn could teach their students.

AIASA Won “The Most Creative” Award on Australia Day Parade 2020.

AIASA Won “The Most Creative” Award on Australia Day Parade 2020.

Australia Day Parade is a special day in Adelaide’s beautiful and diverse city. It involves almost 150 community groups in Adelaide, and the parade waives starts in the centre of Adelaide city and ends in Adelaide Oval.
Represents the Indonesian Community, AIASA has received “The most creative” award at the Australia Day Parade 2020. Supported by many Indonesian communities (PPIASA, Saman dance, Elmusafir, Flobamora, Aceh community and Rhytmnesia), the Indonesian community has particularly drawn the jury’s attention for their creativity.
“Cancer Screening Save Life” AIASA Health Talk.

“Cancer Screening Save Life” AIASA Health Talk.

(Adelaide, SA) To gain the Indonesian community and society’s awareness about their health and fitness, especially for women’s health, AIASA collaborated with Indopeduli and Wellbeing SA Organisation to conduct their first event related to the circumstances. This event was held on the 18th of July 2021 at Jeffrey Smart Building, University of South Australia City Campus. The event itself is titled “Cancer Screening Save Life”. Presenting speakers from various cancer experts, this event focuses on the treatment and prevention of cancer for a woman in the early stage. Dr Kencana Dharmapatni, Dr Chandra Kirana, and Dr Juliana Jatnika have contributed and shared their knowledge about preventing and detecting a cancer disease that often happens to women at this event

Other Indonesian communities support this event through many activities such as the “Manos” (Makanan Nostalgia) community; which has provided the guests with their traditional Indonesian cuisine, Mrs Rada Korda rolled out her donations through Balinese massage activity and Mr Ferry Chandra from Adelindo Angklung community who lead the Indonesian national anthem ceremony in the opening session. This event is related. Who also conducted a fundraising session to raise funds for the cancer society and patients.

This is a continuous series of events that would conduct to gain health awareness in women’s society, especially in the Indonesian community. As planned, the next event would be held in May 2022, which would be focused on other health studies.

(AIASA, 2022)

AIASA music equipment to support your community events.

AIASA music equipment to support your community events.

Hi There!

Thanks to the Department of the Premier and Cabinet for granting us Expand Together 2020-2021 grant to purchase equipment to support community events.

The AIASA now offers a hi-range of music & sound systems equipment to support community events in South Australia. Get a bargain and join AIASA membership!

Click this link to download terms & conditions to lend the equipment: AIASA Library System

Please contact our representative; Berry Jatnika, online, or by email ( for more information.


AIASA Newsletter January 2021

AIASA Newsletter January 2021

Here is the AIA newsletter for January 2021. Inside you’ll find articles on:
– Committee Members 2021-2022
– Indofest Adelaide 2021
– Australia Day 2021
– A Tribute to Alisha Hill
– Calendar Year Program 2021

Download AIA Newsletter January 2021

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AIASA Newsletter January 2021

AIA Newsletter June 2019

Here is the AIA newsletter for June 2019. Inside you’ll find articles on:

* Indofest 2019
* Indonesian Food Appreciation
* Interview with Osbert Zebadiah – the Winemaker
* Greenhouse Gas Emissions for Indofest 2019

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Indofest-Adelaide 2019: Together in harmony

Indofest-Adelaide 2019: Together in harmony

MEDIA RELEASE – Indofest, Sunday 28 April 2019

Thousands will descend upon Victoria Square on Sunday 28 April in a display of vibrant colour and culture as the annual award-winning Indofest-Adelaide festival comes alive with dynamic sights, sounds and enticing flavours which will bring Indonesia to the heart of the City of Adelaide in Victoria Square/Tarntanyagga.

Celebrating its 11th year in Adelaide, Indofest-Adelaide is the largest Indonesian festival in the Southern hemisphere. 

A free, family-friendly and sustainable event, presenting a diverse and exciting program of traditional and contemporary Indonesian music and dance, children’s dance and craft workshops, cooking demonstrations, a marketplace and exhibitions representing the regional diversity of the Indonesian archipelago.

Indofest-Adelaide is a collaborative effort that represents all of South Australia’s Indonesian community groups, and is presented by the not-for-profit Australian-Indonesian Association of South Australia (AIASA).

Indofest-Adelaide’s Program Team, Juliana Christina, Berry J Luqman and Amalia Sosrodiredjo, describe the annual Indofest-Adelaide as “an opportunity to showcase the richness of culture that is representative not only of Indonesia as one of the most cultural diverse countries in the world, but also the diversity and depth of talent of our own Indonesian community here in Adelaide.

With Indofest-Adelaide 2019, we will bring the very best of Indonesian music, dance, art, tradition and, of course, cuisine to the very centre of our city to celebrate all things Indonesian.”

For over a decade Indofest-Adelaide has played an important role in bringing a deeper understanding of Indonesian culture to the people of Adelaide.

In 2017 Indofest has won the South Australian Governor’s Multicultural Awards.

Thanks to event sponsors, including the City of Adelaide, Multicultural Affairs of the Department of the Premier and Cabinet, and Education Partner Flinders University’s Jembatan, this event will transform the heart of Adelaide with all the very best Indonesia has to offer.

Experience Indonesia in the heart of Adelaide. To find out more visit or connect on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

WHAT:            Indofest-Adelaide (Free family event)
DATE:             Sunday 28 April 2019
TIME:              10am to 4pm
WHERE:         Victoria Square, Tarntanyangga, Adelaide, South Australia

Media spokesperson: Amalia Sosrodiredjo Australian-Indonesian Association of South Australia Inc. Ph: 0435 730 100 E:  

Media enquiries: Diana Boots Ph: 043 5606 0992 E:

AIASA Newsletter January 2021

AIA Newsletter March 2019

Check out the first AIA newsletter for 2019 and read about the community’s tour of Parliament House with Hon Jing Lee MLC and how AISA’s donation to Yayasan Peduli Kasih Anak Kebutuhan Khusus is making a difference to the lives of children with a disability and their families, a recipe for an old Indonesian favourite, plus lots more.

Also inside:
Australia Day Parade January 2019
How they celebrate Galungan and Kuningan in Bali
A recipe for Nasi Goreng (Indonesian Fried Rice) to whet your appetite for Indofest on 28 Apri

Download: AIA Newsletter March 2019

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Meet the Indofest 2019 Committee

Meet the Indofest 2019 Committee

These wonderful people are some of the driving forces behind Indofest and very dedicated to make Indofest 2019  on Sunday 28 April a BIG success.

We are looking forward to Sunday 28 April when we will be celebrating all things Indonesian right in the heart of the city at INDOFEST 2019. 

From left -right: Diana, Olivia, Amalia, Yuni, Jen, Dessy, Prilavita, Rita, Ivonne, Chadijah, Dheyo, Budi and Barry. Not in the photo: Mei, Jane, Farhana, Christina and Amanda. — at Flinders at Victoria Square.

Australia Day Parade 2019

Australia Day Parade 2019

The AIASA once again joined the celebration of Australia Day in 2019 with close to 60 people participating in the parade in the city that featured wedding costumes from around the provinces of Indonesia. Thank you to the Indonesian community for such a great turnout. Let’s do it again in 2020!

A mix of Australian and Indonesian community including children, Indonesian international students, and Indonesian permanent residents. Unlike previous years, 2019 did not present Ondel Ondel as the main attraction. Rather, the parade presented wedding costumes as the main attraction, such as those from Central Java and Bali. Musical instruments were also used in the parade, led by the West Javanese traditional drum and ending with the Balinese Bleganjur.

The community’s response to AIASA’s invitation to participate in the celebration of Australia Day was great. Their enthusiasm and feedback received after the celebration suggest that we should participate again next year. If you would like to join AIASA in the Australia Day Parade 2020, please contact us by email on or