For generations, Indonesians have bought their food and other household goods at traditional markets known as pasar. The term pasar can refer to a gathering of tukang sayur (vendors who sell off carts which go through residential kampungs, to a rough, temporary structure where sellers gather in the early morning, to the large, multi-storey buildings in large bustling cities.

And then there is Pasar Indofest! A bustling market-place set up in the heart of Adelaide in Victoria Square for one day only on Sunday, 1st October!! Here shoppers will find retail stalls selling a selection of Indonesian goodies including kain (cloth), baju (shirts/clothes) and oleh-oleh (souvenirs). There will also be a number of information stalls. See the list below for more information.

Batik House
Beauty and Nails 
Diaspora South Australia
Flinders Jembatan
Guy Morgan Architects
Human Appeal Living and Giving Store
IndoPeduli Adelaide
Interfaith House
Kizora+Kalyana Indonesia Fashion Products
Phil Hoffmann Travel
Ministry of Tourism, Republic of Indonesia
Nunung Henna
School of Languages
Singapore Airlines
Success Tax Professionals
The Orangutan Project