At Indofest Adelaide, we have a mix of volunteers from all over the world (young, older, men, women, students, retired). 

Each year, they are offering their expertise to help with logistics and administration, the opening ceremony, selling raffle tickets, social media and looking after the Info Booth, keeping the site clean and tidy, hosting special guests and social media support.

Of course you’ll see them on the day, when you visit Indofest. But lots of volunteers work “behind the scenes” too.

DID YOU KNOW: It takes more time and effort to set up for a festival (it’s called “Bumping-In”) and packing it all neatly away (Bumping-Out) than the actual hours in the festival itself?

Our Bump-In volunteers will begin early on Saturday morning, working all day to help create that unique Indofest vibe at Pinky Flat, along the river Torrens. Others will roll up their sleeves late Sunday afternoon, after the festival fun is over, to Bump-Out, taking down marquees, stacking chairs, cleaning and picking up litter, coming back again on Monday morning to ensure that the park returns to its normal state by Monday evening.

Are you keen to be part of the Indofest team? We’ve still got room for more helpers! 

Register your interest and we will be back in touch with you shortly.

Thank you for your support as we won’t have a festival without our many dedicated volunteers!